Well, here we are, in our final week at the Swami. It’s been such a crazy ride. One full of joy and heartache. I want to take a minute to let you know what you’ve meant to us.

Dear Swami Riders,

Thank you. Thank you for riding with us, for stretching with us (Kate’s favorite part), for sweating with us and letting us get to know you. It has been an honor and a privilege serving you these past two years. You’ve laughed, gritted your teeth and pushed through some pretty tough rides – some of you even puked in our towels (or thought about puking in our towels). We’ve had so much fun watching your competitive spirit come out, and we’ve especially loved the shit talking. The occasional singing has been an added bonus. You’ve dragged your asses out of bed before the sun and put in your best before most other people have had their morning cup of coffee. You’ve shown us determination, power and strength. You’ve done it with grace and made it all so much fun for us – even those early mornings.

Though it has been a joy to see you in the studio, the real joy is seeing you out in our kit. Cycle Swami has been to an Iron Man in Maryland, Leadville in Colorado and Musselman in our very backyard - because you’ve taken us there. We’ve seen our colors at mountain bike races, at cyclocross races, on your leisurely Sunday rides around random lakes, and at a handful of triathlons, not to mention some crazy 100 milers. That has been the best part for us, to have ridden with you both in the studio and out, and to have had the pleasure of watching you cross that finish line.

Closing is a different finish line for us, one that has come upon us too fast and too soon. It’s one we hate to cross and we hope it isn’t the last one that we’ll get to cross with you.

Thank you for showing us your support, we will miss your faces, and your kindness, but not your sweaty towels.

See you on the road and remember to ride often and stretch always.

Lots of love,

Kate and Nick